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SavvyMoney Credit Score

Free ongoing credit score, reporting, and monitoring

SavvyMoney Credit Score

Now you can always know where you stand with your credit.


  • FREE access to your credit score, full credit report, and credit monitoring
  • You can track your credit score daily (up to every 24 hours) — your score will never be negatively affected
  • Use the Score Simulator to see what happens to your score if you were to take certain actions
  • No extra apps to install or additional tools to learn — it's all presented simply within your Online Banking or mobile app
  • Money-saving offers from Elements that can help you reduce your interest costs

How do I see my credit score in Online Banking?

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The ability to see your credit score through our partner SavvyMoney is built into Online Banking and just waiting for you to click on it. 

On your computer, log in to Online Banking. Access your credit score by clicking on the red “Check Your Score” button on the right or by clicking “Featured Tools” then “Credit Score” in the navigation menu on the left. If it’s your first time to access your credit score, we’ll ask you a few first-time visitor questions to verify your identity. Next time you visit Online Banking, either access method will bring you to your SavvyMoney dashboard and your credit score.

On the app, click on “Featured Tools” then “Credit Score” in the left menu navigation to get started.

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Can I really see my credit score anytime and at no cost?

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Yes! SavvyMoney is entirely free, and no credit card information is required to register. You can pull your updated credit score up to every 24 hours by clicking “Refresh Score” in the SavvyMoney section of Online Banking. An updated full credit report is available monthly. 

To access SavvyMoney credit program features, log in to Online Banking.

Is the SavvyMoney credit score different from a FICO credit score?

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The score provided in SavvyMoney is not the FICO score, but it will be close to your FICO score. Both scores create scoring models that use consumer credit data to generate credit scores, but they use different methods to calculate scores, which may result in slight scoring differences.

There are three major credit-reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) and two scoring models (FICO or VantageScore) that determine credit scores. Financial institutions choose which bureau and scoring model to use. Over 200 factors of a credit report may be taken into account when calculating a score, and each model may weigh credit factors differently, so no scoring model is completely identical. No matter what credit bureau or credit scoring model is used, consumers do fall into specific credit ranges: Excellent 781–850, Good 661-780, Fair 601-660, Unfavorable 501-600, Bad Below 500.

SavvyMoney pulls your credit profile from TransUnion and uses VantageScore 3.0, a credit scoring model developed collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This model seeks to make score information more uniform between the three bureaus to provide consumers a better picture of their credit health.

Can I get alerts about my credit score?

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Did you know that Elements gives you free access to your credit score, full credit report, and credit monitoring? To start getting email notifications about your credit score, simply enroll in our SavvyMoney credit monitoring service within Online Banking by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Elements Online Banking.
  2. In the Menu, click on “Featured Tools” and then “Credit Score.”
  3. Enter the requested information to enroll in SavvyMoney and pull your credit file. (This request will not affect your score.)
  4. On the next screen, you will see your credit score.
  5. That’s it – you will now have instant access to your credit score and receive credit score updates and a monthly credit snapshot via email.


Types of Credit Score Emails You Will Get

  • When you’re enrolled in SavvyMoney free credit monitoring with Elements, you will receive the following email alerts:
  • Monthly Credit Snapshot – an overview of what changed on your credit score and report in the last month.
  • Credit Score Update – an email alert when your latest credit score and report card are ready for viewing.
  • Credit Report Monitoring – an email alerting you when a new account has been opened and is showing on your credit report.

To opt out of any of these email alerts, click on either “Unsubscribe” or “Manage Subscriptions” in the footer of the email and follow the prompts.


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Read more frequently asked questions about the SavvyMoney credit program…

What if some information on my credit report appears to be wrong or inaccurate?

The SavvyMoney credit program makes its best effort to show you the most relevant information from your credit report. If you think that some of the information is wrong or inaccurate, we encourage you to take advantage of obtaining free credit reports from, and then pursuing with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its own process for correcting inaccurate information but every user can file a dispute by clicking on the “Dispute” link within their SavvyMoney Credit Report. The Federal Trade Commission website offers step-by-step instructions on how to contact the bureaus and correct errors.

Why do I see Elements product offers and financial education articles in the SavvyMoney section of Online Banking?

Based on your SavvyMoney credit score information, you may receive offers on Elements products that may be of interest to you. In most cases, these offers may have lower interest rates than the products you already have. The educational articles, written by Jean Chatzky and the SavvyMoney team, are designed to provide helpful tips on how you can manage credit and debt wisely.

Will accessing my SavvyMoney credit score ping my credit and potentially lower my credit score?

No. Checking your SavvyMoney credit score is a soft inquiry, which does not affect your credit score. Lenders use hard inquiries to make decisions about your creditworthiness when you apply for loans.